The Treatment of Tendon Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Autor: Kastner Mark

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 106, 2014, 5-11, englisch

This article describes the treatment of tendon pain using acupuncture and adjunctive Chinese medicine techniques. The pathomechanism of tendon pain is discussed from the perspectives of biomedicine and Chinese medicine, and a comprehensive protocol for the treatment of tendinosis is provided.

Conclusion: Numerous studies show inflammation plays a minimal role in chronic tendon injury and pain, and that the diagnosis of tendonitis should only be applied to acute tendon injuries. All chronic cases should be treated according to the more appropriate diagnosis of tendinosis, or tendinopathy where calcification, adhesions or extensive degeneration are present. With chronic tendon injuries, the collagen fibres need at least six to twelve weeks to fully heal. The use of the four‐needle technique described in this article is a simple and effective protocol that can be used to treat chronic tendon pain. The treatment of damaged tendon fibres using acupuncture, electro- stimulation, manual manipulation and herbal medicine (both internal and external) can be effective in assisting in collagen regeneration and healing of damaged tendons.

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