A Vision of the Origin of Qi Through Wind and Flavours

Autor: Rochat de la Vallée Élisabeth

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 115, 2017, 13-20, englisch

This article begins an investigation into an understanding of qi that is based on its ancient relationship with wind and flavours. Wind was a precursor to the concept of qi. However, in limiting our understanding of wind to the ‘spearhead of disease’ we lose the richness of meaning and the many facets present in the ancient concept, which were passed on to the notion of qi. Wind was nature’s intrinsic ability to move and transform, to bring life. Flavours were also intimately linked with qi as its yin counterpart, while also seen as able to provide transformation and movement. By looking at the classical concepts of wind and flavours, we can enrich our understanding of qi and deepen our awareness of its yin aspect.

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