The Treatment of Meniere’s Disease with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: A Case Study

Autor: Salisbury Lauren et al

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 117, 2018, 68-71, englisch

This article presents the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat a case of Meniere’s Disease. The patient presented with a five-month history of Meniere’s disease which was caused by prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures. The patient had been evaluated by a head, ear, eye, nose and throat (HEENT) doctor, and a neurologist, along with being hospitalised weekly for severe episodes of vertigo. The patient had been treated with conventional medication, which did not resolve their symptoms.
Over a period of ten weeks involving 14 acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medication, the patient’s vertigo completely resolved and concomitant symptoms such as tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss also improved. The patient also completely discontinued their meclizine, which at the beginning of treatment they had been taking every six hours.

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