Dr. Shentian Sun’s Clinical Experience Treating Pain Syndromes

Autor: Shentian Sun, et al

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 120, 2019, 11-15, englisch

Dr. Shentian Sun’s Clinical Experience Treating Pain Syndromes: Four Acupuncture Case Studies

Dr. Shentian Sun is a well-known expert in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in China, with over 50 years of rich clinical experience, who is well respected in his home country and throughout the world. This paper reflects only a small part of Dr. Sun’s valuable clinic experience, and introduces four representative case studies on pain related conditions that were treated with acupuncture points selected on the basis of Chinese medical theory.
The effectiveness of the treatment described is not only limited to point selection, but is also determined by Dr. Sun’s needling technique and application of classical theory. Therefore, these needling techniques are also addressed in detail.

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