The efficiency and safety of the Chinese herbal medicine liang xue huo xue decoction (LXHXD) in patients with psoriasis vulgaris

Autor: Changliang Mao et al

Journal: Int J Clin Exp Med 2019;12(5):6020-6025, englisch

Background: Published research evidence evaluating the use of topical and oral formulae in psoriasis is lacking. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency and safety of liang xue huo xue decoction (LXHXD) in treating psoriasis vulgaris (PV) of blood heat syndrome.

Material and methods: A total of 50 eligible patients with PV were randomized 3:2 into two groups (A and B). The patients in group A received LXHXD while those in group B received a placebo for 6 weeks. PASI was recorded at baseline, and after 2, 4, and 6 weeks of treatment, and 6 weeks after treatment. Serum IL-17a and IL-1β levels were determined before and after treatment.

Conclusions: LXHXD is effective and safe in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. LXHXD can significantly reduce the symptoms of skin lesions in patients with psoriasis, effectively reduces the PASI score and peripheral blood IL-17a concentration and has only mild side effects. It can be used as a treatment for psoriasis.

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