The Art and Science of Acupuncture

Autor: Niemtzow Richard C.

Journal: Medical Acupuncture, Vol 31, Number 3, 2019, englisch

Frequently, I treat patients with acupuncture whose complaints are identical. These patients might even have the same pathology, sex, and age, and yet, similar therapies will fail in some cases. What is wrong with the science? This problem occurs not only with patients who are receiving acupuncture but also with other medical specialty treatments. I have observed failures in my previous practice as a radiation oncologist. Patients who appeared almost identical and matched for tumor type, sex, age, etc., responded differently to the same cancer therapy. This is not unusual in medicine. Research projects should investigate more about why some therapies fail for some patients and why others do well with the exact therapies. However, research might not always help when one is faced with a nonresponder in a busy clinic.


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