Chinese herbal medicine therapy for coronary heart disease complicated with anxiety

Autor: Wang Chao et al.

Journal: J Tradit Chin Med 2020 February 15; 40(1): 1-16, englisch

OBJECTIVE: To evaluated the effectiveness and safety of Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) for coro- nary heart disease (CHD) complicated with anxiety.

METHODS: Randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs) with parallel-groups were included after searching through electric-databases from incep- tion to May, 2017. Meta-analysis was undertaken with RevMan 5.3 software.

RESULTS: Twenty-three RCTs enrolling 1654 pa- tients were included in this systematic review. The combination therapy (CHMs combined with anxio- lytic) appeared to be superior to anxiolytic in terms of reducing the score of Zung Self-rating Anxiety scale (SAS) (mean Difference (MD), - 12.25; 95% confidence interval (CI), - 14.01 to - 10.48, elimi- nating method; MD, -3.92; 95% CI, -5.48 to -2.35, tranquilizing method), improving the total effect
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rate (relative risk (RR), 1.26; 95% CI, 1.08 to 1.46, eliminating method) and reducing the TCM symp- toms scores (MD, -2.24; 95% CI, -4.25 to -0.23, tranquilizing method) with a lower incidence of ad- verse events (RR, 0.46; 95% CI, 0.25 to 0.85, tonify- ing method). CHMs demonstrated benefits in low- ering the score of Hamilton Anxiety Rating scale (MD, - 6.77; 95% CI, - 8.16 to - 5.37, tonifying method),lowering the score of SAS (MD, - 10.1; 95% CI, -13.73 to -6.30, tonifying method) and reducing the TCM symptoms scores (MD, - 2.18; 95% CI, -3.12 to -1.24, tranquilizing method).

CONCLUSION: We got a low evidence that CHMs, which had less side effects, showed potentially ben- efits to patients with CHD complicated with anxi- ety. While the results should be interpreted with caution. Trails with higher quality are required to verify the effectiveness and safety of CHMs for CHD complicated with anxiety.

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