Anatomical Perspectives on the Acupuncture Treatment of Low Back Pain

Autor: Whitfield Reaves

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 122, 2020, 3-8, englisch

Using the quadratus lumborum, the gluteus medius and the sacroiliac joint in the treatment of low back pain may be considered ‘contrarian’, as low back pain is commonly experienced along the spine and para-spinal muscles. Additionally, many medical perspectives place primary importance on the intervertebral disc as the cause of back pain. In the author’s experience, low back pain is often generated by the three above-mentioned anatomical structures. Furthermore, the role of pelvic and lumbar stabilisation as well as postural considerations is often excluded in standard clinical assessments, and will therefore not be addressed in treatment. This article aims to clarify these aspects of the treatment of low back pain in the hope that it helps clinicians relieve the suffering of their patients.

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