The Integrative Acupuncture Treatment of Bell’s Palsy

Autor: James H. Bae

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 122, 2020, 51-55, englisch

This case study examines the efficacy and role of acupuncture based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pattern differentiation and disease stage progression alongside orthodox care in the treatment of Bell’s palsy. A 35-year old female patient went to the emergency room after onset of acute cold/flu-like symptoms. The patient noted dizziness and nausea, as well as numbness and slight motor weakness of the muscles of the left side of her face.

She was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Prednisone was prescribed along with acyclovir and administered for seven days. Following a treatment course of five acupuncture sessions, including moxibustion and electro-stimulation, the patient regained motor control and sensation, and visual signs of Bell’s palsy disappeared; the condition did not progress beyond the acute stage.

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