The Use of Gua Sha to Improve Facial Expression Lines and Wrinkles

Autor: Andrea Leite Barretto Domingues et al

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 123, 2020, 38-41, englisch

Gua sha is a therapeutic method in which the skin is scraped using a tool with a smooth, flat edge. It is used to treat cosmetic problems, as well as common colds, flu, musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema, functional problems of the internal organs, fibromyalgia and recurrent fixed pain. This case study investigated the use of gua sha in the treatment of facial expression lines and wrinkles. The results showed improvements in both, especially where there was a higher incidence of these features. There were also improvements in skin texture. These results provided cosmetic benefits and increased self-esteem for the patient. However, further studies are suggested to investigate this method of facial cosmetic treatment.

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