The Unique Aspects of Diagnosing and Treating the Face in Chinese Medicine

Autor: Gellis Michelle

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 125, 2021, 62-70, englisch

The human face is unique. The anatomy of the face and the diseases to which it is susceptible set it apart from the rest of the body. Needling acupuncture points on the face is often regarded merely as a way to bring qi to the area to treat a local issue such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction or sinus congestion. In fact, needling the face can bring forth global changes, initiating emotional, physical and spiritual healing that cannot always be accomplished through body points.

The face holds tremendous wisdom and innate gifts that can be actualised through diagnosis and treatment. As acupuncturists, it is crucial that we are aware of the inimitable aspects of this microcosm of the self. However, needling the face poses challenges due to its heavily vascularised anatomy, relatively dense innervation and delicate and complex muscularisation. This paper will elaborate on many of the unique facets of diagnosis and acupuncture treatment of the face.

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