Superficial Acupuncture with Qing Long Bai Wei Method to Treat Pain Associated with Trigger Points

Autor: Yong Yii Pin & Leong May Ho

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 127, 2021, 37-40, englisch

This study investigated the efficacy of superficial acupuncture using the Qing Long Bai Wei (Green-Blue Dragon Shaking Its Tail) method on reducing pain associated with trigger points. A total of 20 participants with shoulder pain were randomised to receive standard traditional acupuncture or superficial acupuncture using the Qing Long Bai Wei method. Outcomes were measured before and after one treatment using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and the data were analysed using repeated measures analysis of variance.

This showed that the mean change in VAS of participants with shoulder pain treated by standard traditional acupuncture was 2.20±0.632, while for participants treated by superficial acupuncture it was 4.60±2.119, a statistically significant difference (p < 0.05). This pilot study therefore suggests that the immediate pain-relieving effect of superficial acupuncture using the Qing Long Bai Wei method is greater than standard traditional acupuncture.

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