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Treatment of Trichomonal Enteritis by Chinese Medicinal Herbs. Report of 16 Cases Yao Zunhua JTCM 1981 englisch
Clinical Observation of 26 Cases of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Treated with Sarcandra Glaber Zhang Jiazhen JTCM 1981 englisch
Effect of "Qingshen" No.1 in 50 Cases of Simple Obesity Yu Yongpu, Jin Zhiying, Wang Jian, Chen Baozhu JTCM 1981 englisch
Cure of Two Patients with Functional Ejaculatio Deficient. Li Yiquan JTCM 1981 englisch
Observation on the Effect of Acupuncture Treatment in 300 Cases of Primary Trigeminal Neuralgia Xu Benren, Ge Shuhan JTCM 1981 englisch
Treatment of Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxia with Ganoderma Capense. Report of 4 Cases Wang Zhiyuan, Fu Huiti JTCM 1981 englisch
Observation on the Treatment of Post-Operative Anal pain with Embedded Needle Zhou Yunpeng, Ding Yide, Ding Yiyong, Hu Rong, Xu … JTCM 1981 englisch
Helium-Neon Laser Irridation of Acupuncture Points in Treatment of 50 Cases of Acute Appendicitis Tang Hua, Fu Yuandong JTCM 1981 englisch
Volvulus of the stomach Successfully Treated with Acupuncture Report of 9 Cases Wan Yaoguang, Yu Liyou JTCM 1981 englisch
Cine-Cholangiographic Studies of Artemisia Decoction on the Dynamics of Oddi's Sphincter of Common Bile Duct Yu Zhongfu, Huang Chongchu, Zhang Zangen, Xiong Gu… JTCM 1981 englisch
Treatment of Grand Mal Seizures with "Qingyangshen" Root of Cynanchum Otophyllum) and Observations on Experimental Animals Kuang Peigen, Wu Yixin, Meng Fanjin; Kuang Peizi, … JTCM 1981 englisch
Clinical and Experimental Studies on "Shengji (Tissue-Growing)" Ointment in Infected Open Fractures Wang Baoquan, Yao Shuyuan, Xu Erzhen JTCM 1981 englisch
Research on the Mechanism of "Qigong (Breathing Exercise)". A Preliminary Study on Its Effect in Balancing Yin and Yang, Regulating Circulation and Promoting Flow in the Meridian System Jiang Minda, Kuang Ankun, Wang Chongxing, Zhao Gua… JTCM 1981 englisch
Studies on Propagated Sensation Along Channels. Pres3ent Status and Future Prospects Ji Zhongpu JTCM 1981 englisch
Acupuncture Superior to PiroxicamTM in the Treatment of Osteoarthrosis Junnila, Seppo Y.T. The American Journal… 1982 englisch
Acupuncture Superior to Piroxicam in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis Junnila, Seppo Y.T. The American Journal… 1982 englisch
The Acupuncture Treatment of Neck Pain: a Randomized Controlled Study Coan, Ralph M., Wong, Grace; Coan, Patricia L. AJCM 1982 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. V.Methods of Diagnosis Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1982 englisch
Sun Simiao Li Jingwei, Fu Fang JTCM 1982 englisch
The Regimen of Tonifying and Warming Kidney-Yang. Clinical Application and Experimental Sudies Shi Saizhu, Shen Ziyin JTCM 1982 englisch
Studies on Tabellae Indigo Naturalis in Treatment of Psoriasis Yuan Zhaozhuang, Yuan Xie; Xu Zhenxiu JTCM 1982 englisch
Cure of 2 Cases of Cortical Blindness with Acupuncture Therapy Liu Shudong JTCM 1982 englisch
Malignant Exophthalmos. A Clinical Observation of 12 Cases Zhang Kaizhen, Lin Zhezhang, Wang Renyu, Wang Guan… JTCM 1982 englisch
The Use of "Thyroid Pill" in the Treatment of Benign Nodules of the Thyroid. Clinical Observation and Experimental Study Chen Baoxing , Jiang Ruguang, Liu Hepei JTCM 1982 englisch
Treatment of Ota's Nevus and Melanosis by Xuejie biandoutang ("Resina Draconis and Semen Dolichoris-Decoction" Xu Hanqing, Liang Cunran, Feng Jie, Liu Furen JTCM 1982 englisch