Titel Autor  Journal  Jahr ↓ Sprache
A Morphological Study on the Receptors of Acupuncture Points Zhang Keren, Dang Rulin, Guan Lianpu, Fang Taishen… JTCM 1982 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. V.Etiologie Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1982 englisch
Clinical and Experimental Studies on Yang Deficiency Zhang Jiaqing JTCM 1982 englisch
Exhaustion of Yin of Liver-Kidney and Internal Deposition of Damp-Heat (Post-Hepatic Cirrhosis and Hepatorenal Syndrome) Chen Zelin, Dai Haoliang; Song Qingli, Lu Qilong JTCM 1982 englisch
Experimental and Clinical Rheologic Observation in Deficiency of Vital Energy Song Chongshun, Liao Jiazhen, Lü Xiaoyan, Zhang L… JTCM 1982 englisch
A Preliminary Report on Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Sensorineural Hearing Loss Sun Aihua JTCM 1982 englisch
Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure by Retention-Enema with Rhizoma Rhei Compound Bi Zengqi, Zeng Falei, Kang Ziqi JTCM 1982 englisch
Alum Solution Injection in Treatment of Complete Rectal Prolapse in Adults Team zur Behandlung von Rektumprolaps mit Alumen-L… JTCM 1982 englisch
Induction of Ovulation with Traditional Chinese Medicine Ge Qinsheng, Zhang Yiwen, Shen Longzhu JTCM 1982 englisch
Influence of "Artificial Cycle By TCM" on the Function of Female Gonads Liao Dingling, Xu Jinxun; Fu Shigui (Leiter) JTCM 1982 englisch
A Proposal for the International Standardization of the Names of Acupuncture Points Wang Deshen JTCM 1982 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. III. Channels and Collaterals Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1982 englisch
Clinical Observation of Obstipation Treated with Acupuncture Shi Xuemin, alii JTCM 1982 englisch
Clinical Observation and Experimental Study on 300 Anorectic Children Treated with Stomach Granules Chen Zhongrui, Sun Zhonglin, Lu Fanghua, Wu Dong; … JTCM 1982 englisch
An Analysis on Tongue Features of 5403 Healthy Subjects Chen Zelin, Xia Jiawen, Chen Jianmin, Xu Desheng, … JTCM 1982 englisch
Observations on Microcirculation of Tip of Tongue in 68 Patients with Bluish Purple Tongue Jin Huiming, Chen Daxin, Yan Youzhen; Qin Wanzhang… JTCM 1982 englisch
Observation and Analysis of Children's Lingual Picture. Report of 2086 Cases Wen Zhenying, Xiao Shuqin, Chen Shuwei, Zhou Runzh… JTCM 1982 englisch
Kidney Reinforcement Regimen in the Treatment of Bronchial Asthma. Endocrinological and Immunological Studies Shen Ziyin, Shi Saizhu, Zha Lianglun, Chen Suzhen,… JTCM 1982 englisch
Experience in the Treatment of Clonorchiasis by Professor Deng Tietao Deng Zhongyan, Zhou Haiping JTCM 1982 englisch
Clinical Studies on Treatment of Cerebral Malaria with Qinghaosu and its Derivatives Li Guoqiao, Guo Xongbo, Jin Rui, Wang Zicai, Jian … JTCM 1982 englisch
Acupuncture of Yanglao (S.I. 6) Pointz in the Treatment of Lumbar Pain Dong Shuhua JTCM 1982 englisch
111 Cases of Snake-Bite (Agkistrodon Acutus Guenther) Treated by Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Zhao Jingcheng, Rao Daoshan JTCM 1982 englisch
Manipulative Treatment of 12 Cases of Cervical Spondylosis with Trigeminal Neuralgie Liu Shijie, Shen Zhixiang, Cao Guoliang JTCM 1982 englisch
The Traditional Chinese Method of Closed Reduction of Fractures and Dislocations with a Rolling Rod. Further Development in Its Use and the Mechanical Principles Involved Xu Jingbin JTCM 1982 englisch
Moxibuxtion of Point Tanzhong and Massage of Point Tianzond in 47 Cases of Acute Mastitis Xiong Xinan JTCM 1982 englisch