Titel Autor  Journal  Jahr ↓ Sprache
Spinal Fracture Complicated with Multiple Fractures Treated by Integrated Method of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Shang Tianyu, Jin Hongbin; Yang Huaiyun JTCM 1982 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. III. Channels and Collaterals Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1982 englisch
Treatment of Vitiligo Based on the Principle of Pacyfying Liver by Resolving Stasis and Activating Blood Circulation, Plus Exorcixing "Wind" Zhu Guangdou JTCM 1982 englisch
Abstract: Clinical Observation and Mode of Action of Gossypol in the Treatment of Endometriose and Uterine Myoma Han Meiling alii JTCM 1982 englisch
Method of Promoting Blood Circulation to Eliminate Stasis om Treatment of Narcolepsy. Chen Jinghe JTCM 1982 englisch
The Clinic Effects of Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Preparations in 10 Cases of Atrophic Myotonie Fu Huidi, Wang Zhiyuan JTCM 1982 englisch
Effect of Sheng Mai San on Left Ventricular Performance in Coronary Heart Disease Liao Jiazhen, Wu Zemin, Kang Tingpei, Shi Zaixiang… JTCM 1982 englisch
Therapeutic Effect and Mechanism of Acupuncture at Neiguan (Pc6) in Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease Wu Yixian, Yu Guorui, Cheng Bohua, Ye Juashu, Qian… JTCM 1982 englisch
Clinical Studies on the Treatment of Malaria with Qinghaosu and its Derivatives Chinesische Forschungsgruppe zu Qinghaosu und dess… JTCM 1982 englisch
20 years' acupuncture in 461 acute appendicitis cases Fan Yongkang, Zhang Cunchun Chinese Medical Jour… 1983 englisch
Indications for the Application and Combined Use of Acupoints of the 14 Major Channels Yang Jiasan JTCM 1983 englisch
Treatment of 40 Cases of Paralysis of Common Peroneal Nerve with Acupuncture and Moxibustion Xie Linyuan, Xie Leye JTCM 1983 englisch
Huatuo Jiaji Points for Migraine: 70 Cases He Shuhuai JTCM 1983 englisch
Tanshinone in the Treatment of Acne Wang Dingbang JTCM 1983 englisch
Behcet's Disease: Clinical Report of 88 Cases Treated with Chinese Herbal Decoctions Wu Zhiwu, Yang Chuanying; Bian Tianyu JTCM 1983 englisch
On the Evaluation of the Clinical Effects of Acupuncture Lewith, George T., Machin, David Pain 1983 englisch
Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Facial Pain - A Controlled Cross-Over Trial Hansen, Per Evald, Hansen, John Hersted Headache, 1983/3, S.… 1983 englisch
Acupuncture Therapy for Tennis Elbow Brattberg, Gunilla Pain 1983 englisch
Treatment of Chronic Nephritis with Tripterygium Hypoglaucum. A Clinical and Experimental Study Chen Meifang, Zhang Qingyi, Yao Jian, Wu Zhiying, … JTCM 1983 englisch
65 Cases of Urinary Tract Infection Treated by Total Acid of Achillea Alpina Peng Yue, Yan Hua, Wang Shuqin, Liu Xintai JTCM 1983 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. VII.Differentiation of Syndromes Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1983 englisch
Recent Advances in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of Chronic Glomerulonephritis with Combined TCM und WM Chen Meifang JTCM 1983 englisch
A Preliminary Study on Serum Trace Elements in "Yin-Deficiency" and "Yang-Deficiency" Patients. Application of the Pixe Analysis in Medical Science Zhu Wen, Li Weiyi, Kuang Ankun; Tan Mingguang, Qin… JTCM 1983 englisch
Effects of Flos Carthami Co-Injection in the Treatment of Sclerema Neonatorum Gong Changfu, Yu Peilan JTCM 1983 englisch
Jade-Screen Powder Mixture in Prevention of Recurrent Respiratory Infections in Children Fang Hesong, Ling Xiaoming, Gao Huiying, Li Zhimin JTCM 1983 englisch