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Treatment of Fractures of Upper Femoral Shaft by Double Nail Reduction. Report of 54 Cases Li Junruo, Luo Yuntong, Guo Weihuai (technischer B… JTCM 1983 englisch
Clinical Observation on Tripterygium Wilfordii in Treatment of 26 Cases of Discoid Lupus Erythematosus Qin Wanzhang, Zhu Guangdou, Yang Shumei, Han Kunyu… JTCM 1983 englisch
Clinical Observation of 144 Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated with Glycoside of Radix Tripterygium Wilfordii Yu Deyong JTCM 1983 englisch
Observation of Immediate Effect of Acupuncture on Electroencephalograms in Epileptic Patients Chen Keyan, Chen Guiping, Feng Xiu'e JTCM 1983 englisch
Preliminary Investigation on the Acupuncture of Neiguan (P.6) and Shaofu (H.8) on Cardiac Function of Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy Chen Shuxia, Bao Shihong, Chang Peilun; Zang Dalia… JTCM 1983 englisch
Lectures on Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine. VII.Differentiation of Syndromes Redaktion des Journal of Traditional Chinese Medic… JTCM 1983 englisch
Boosting Effects of Drugs Benefitting Vital Energy and Activating Blood and Transfer Factor on the Immunity of Patients with Chronic Cor Pulmonale Chen Wenbin, Li Tingqian, Yan Liuqing, Li Zhengyi,… JTCM 1983 englisch
Treatment of 35 Cases of Leukoplakia Vulvae with Helium-Neon Laser Radiation at Acupuncture Points Wu Xijing, Wang Lianqing; Huang Baoying, Wang Shuh… JTCM 1983 englisch
The Treatment of Severe Hemorrhage of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Burn Children by Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Report of 2 Cases Ma Enqing, Luo Chengqun, Huang Congmin, Liu Fazhu JTCM 1983 englisch
Observation on 110 Cases of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Treated with Gastric Ease Capsules Yang Xiuzhen, Hu Cuihong, Zhuang Keying, Zhu Hailo… JTCM 1983 englisch
The Relationship between Fibergastroscopic Picture and Tongue Inspection Yin Fengli, Tian Delu, Wang Changhong JTCM 1983 englisch
On Tongue Color. Blood Flow, Shape of Capillary Plexus and Area of Fungiform Papilla as Functions of Tongue Color Zhou Shu, Li Yanyan, Wang Yujin, Yin Guangda; Guo … JTCM 1983 englisch
Point Injection Combined with Electro-Acupuncture in Treatment of 300 Cases of Facial Paralysis Peripherica Yang Yinchang, Yuan Qisui, Jin Peizhen, Tan Lianqi… JTCM 1983 englisch
A Study on the Pathological Illuminating Signal Point Investigation of 300 Subjects Yan Zhiqiang JTCM 1983 englisch
Acupuncture versus Medical Treatment for Migraine and Muscle Tension Headaches Loh, L., Nathan, P.W.; Schott, G.D.; Zilkha, K.J. Journal of Neurology… 1984 englisch
A Study of The Tongue Coating with Electron Microscope II. An Investigation on Various Pathological Tongue Features Dai Haoliang, Chen Zelin; Ling Yiping; Ma Jinxin JTCM 1984 englisch
A Clinical Study of 197 Cases of Fracture of Carpal Scaphoid Bone Treated by Paper Plates with Pressure Padding Duan Shengru, Lin Gongzhou JTCM 1984 englisch
Clinical Observation on the Treatment of Exfoliative Cheilitis with Traditional Chinese Medicine Lu Yongtian JTCM 1984 englisch
Infantile Rotavirus Enteritis Treated with Herbal Valiriana Jatamansi (VJ) Chen Shide, Xie Sueli; Du Bainian; Su Qinghua; Wei… JTCM 1984 englisch
Clinical Observation on the Effect of Radix Rosae Multiflorae in Reducing Blood Lipids Chen Yangchun, Zhang Jinnan JTCM 1984 englisch
Therapeutic Effect of Crataegus Pinnatifida on 46 Cases of Angina Prctoris - A Double Blind Study Weng Weiliang, Zhang Wenqu; Liu Fuzai; Yu Xiangchu… JTCM 1984 englisch
Neurodermatitis Treated by Plum Blossom Needle Zhong Meiquan JTCM 1984 englisch
Acupuncture Treatment of Benign Thyroid Nodules. Clinical Observation of 65 Cases Guo Xiaozhong, Li Chuanjie; Gao Binhua; Ye Meirong… JTCM 1984 englisch
Introduction to the Study of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in China Kuang Yihuang, Wei Jia JTCM 1984 englisch
Casual Remarks on the Five Shu Points Yin Kejing JTCM 1984 englisch